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Spring, Texas

We now sell and install a super efficient geothermal system that features direct burial of the copper refrigerant lines, designed by EarthLinked Technologies

HOW IT WORKS: Most geothermal AC and Heat systems utilize a ground loop, which is a system of water piping, typically 500-800 feet of pipe per ton, buried in the ground. Water is pumped through this piping system which also circulated through a heat exchanger in the condensing unit, which absorbs or rejects heat to the refrigerant system (depending on if in heating or cooling mode). And while this works well, the EarthLinked system eliminates the extensive ground loop, pump and heat exchanger, and features a copper condensing loop that direct buries the copper underground, and eliminates the extensive drilling and trenching required for the water loop system. This saves cost, and makes it possible to install a system in a much more compact area, without disturbing large areas. Asa a bonus, this system exceeds the efficiency and capacities of other water based heat pumps.    See what it looks like here.